Phoenix Probate Lawyer

Phoenix Probate Lawyer
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Phoenix is full of people who need to deal with the loss of a loved one. Even with the help of Phoenix probate attorneys, it can be difficult to sort out all of the various responsibilities that come with such a situation. It helps to understand what this process actually is so that you can take care of it properly and not to leave it too late. Understanding what is involved can help you make sure that you avoid making mistakes that will negatively affect your family in the long run.

Legal representatives

When someone dies, their entire property needs to be officially transferred into the legal representatives of that person. In either case, Phoenix probates lawyers are there to help ensure that the process happens smoothly while also protecting your legal rights as an heir to the deceased person. Basically, an estate plan is designed to help you plan and pay for your future. You should always work with an experienced estate planning attorney to get everything in order so that your plan can benefit everyone involved. If you don’t have one yet, you should definitely consider working with one right away.

Once your loved one has passed away, there are several steps that need to occur in the probate process. One of those is establishing who will handle all of the finances. Since the deceased person likely had no savings to speak of, you might find that a Phoenix probates lawyer is called in to help out. He or she would assist you in creating a will that will be both legal and honest. This is critical because it establishes the sort of trust that will need to exist between you and the other party involved.

What will Phoenix probate lawyer do?

Next, the Phoenix probate lawyer will establish who will be the executor of the will. Usually, this is the person closest to the deceased and most trusted. If you are not willing or able to establish this for yourself, you may want to have someone you trust to do this. It’s probably best if you do not have the responsibility yourself, because then you won’t end up with mixed assets and debts that could possibly burden you later on.

A will should also state who are the rightful owners of any property that was accumulated during the deceased person’s life. Usually, this includes his or her personal representatives. These are basically people that agree on what should happen with the properties in question. The Phoenix probate lawyer will take care of filling out the forms for you and then submitting them to the proper authorities. Most people want their personal representatives to have a say in where their money is going, but that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

The Phoenix court system

Then comes the Phoenix probate process itself. The Phoenix court system will first determine if the will is valid and if there’s an estate plan attached to it. If the will is invalidated, the state will initiate the process of trying to determine what happens next. This can take a while, so the sooner you get an attorney involved the better. If there isn’t an estate plan attached to the decedent’s will, the state will ask the attorney to develop one for you.

Once the Phoenix probate lawyer has reviewed the valid will and the will is being verified, they will begin working on your case. There are certain steps they must take to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. They need to contact all beneficiaries to let them know about the situation and to inform them of the appointment of an executor. Once the appointed executor has accepted the responsibility of managing the assets, they will have to report to the court. Most people don’t like this step, but it’s the law.

From here on, it’s as simple as transferring the ownership of the assets to the Arizona Trustee for Probate. The Arizona Trustee for Probate will hold on to them until the Phoenix court allows them to transfer the assets to the personal representative of the decedent’s estate. Once the Phoenix probate court allows for this, you can go on with your life. You will now be responsible for paying back taxes and any other debts associated with the property you inherited. By hiring a Phoenix probate lawyer you will ensure that everything goes smoothly and you are able to enjoy the financial assets you were given.

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